Mt. Tamalpais
The Marin Irish Ceili

The Winter 2020 Semester has started!

Welcome to the Marin Irish Ceili!

We are a group of musicians interested in learning and playing traditional Irish tunes and songs in a supportive, encouraging environment.

The group was started in 2002 when Father O’Sullivan asked John Trimble if he could gather a few people together to play for a St. Patrick event for St. Isabella Parish. John Trimble passed away quietly on November 23, 2009, but his legacy continues to live and grow as new folks join our circle.

Our regular Ceoltais is held Wednesdays from 7–9pm at St. Isabella’s school, 1 Trinity Way, San Rafael. We start with three featured tunes (click on “tunelists” below to find current and prior lists), then play last week’s tunes. We then have open play and take turns calling tunes around the circle. We end with a review of this week’s tunes. Everyone is welcome!

To receive weekly emails with the upcoming week’s tunes, send an email to

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